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“Pilseung!”…Taejeon Group O&K to Deliver ‘Hoe Hin White Flower’ to Marine Corps

Taejeon Group O&K(CEO Kang Oh-soon), a total healthcare distribution company, visited the Marine Corps Command in Gyeonggi Province and donated “Energy Oil Hoe Hin White Flower(Baekhwayu)” to keep soldiers cool during the summer.

At the donation ceremony, 2,000 products of Hoe Hin White Flower were delivered, with Marine Corps Command Brigadier General Lim Sung-keun, Marine Corps officials, Taejeon Group O&K Communications Team Leader Seol Myoung-hwan and Team Member Park Ji-woon attending.

All of the donated Hoe Hin White Flower will be sent to Marines on Yeonpyeongdo Island.

The donation was designed to encourage and revitalize the efforts of Marine Corps soldiers who have been a strong supporter of national defense as well as various activities to support the people despite the crisis caused by coronavirus infection.

Hoe Hin White Flower, which was first introduced in Korea by Taejeon Group affiliate O&K, has become an icon of the 2030 Grooming tribe and is gaining popularity among people who enjoy weight training and yoga.

Hoe Hin White Flower is considered a must-have item in summer as it immediately helps relax and cool down when applied to the desired area.

Kang Oh-soon, CEO of O&K, said, “Marines wearing masks in the heat that came early will have to fight the heat longer than ever before. I hope they will live an energetic life through Hoe Hin White Flower, a cooling item that gives freshness and refreshing skin in the summer.”

Meanwhile, the Marine Corps, which celebrated its 70th anniversary last year, had a healthy and bold image, with footballers Son Heung-min, Kim Won-il, actor Hyun Bin and singer Min-ho serving.

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