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ELT Sensor Showcases Ultra-small CO2 Methane Sensor at “Sensor Expo 2017” Aiming for North American Market

To enter the North American market, gas sensor specializing company ELT Sensor (CEO Lee lhn) will exhibit two models of ultra-small CO2 methane sensors in Sensor Expo 2017. It runs Jun. 28 to 29 at San Jose, California.

At the show, the company is introducing its ultra-small NDIR CO2 sensor “T-200” for the first time in the global market. Being the world’s smallest CO2 sensor module with its excellent temperature correction and long-term stability when in use, it supports a wide range of applications including indoor air quality control, building air conditioning systems, and scientific projects.

The T-200 series also supports a variety of output modes (TTL-UART, 12c (available in AVO or PWM)) and 1.27 mm pitch (10-pin) side holes and 16-pin connectors. Automatic calibration function (ACDL) and manual calibration function (10′ MCDL) can be connected to ACDL or MCDL function pins to be used for sending low signals.

CH4-LD3-3V, the ultra-compact product which the company is introducing for the first time in the global market, is sized at 40x48x17.5mm, making it the world’s smallest. But, it is the dual-channel methane gas sensor module with both the low and high concentration sensors. It provides outstanding temperature correction and stability and accuracy with prolonged use. Also being easy to maintain, it can be used widely in industries that deal with flammable or explosive gases such as factories, LNG bases, tunnels, and gas stations.

The company also introduced its USB-type ultra-small CO2 sensor monitor “MT-100.” Lightweight and small, it is a portable mobile CO2 concentration measuring product that can be used by connecting it to electronics like smartphones and laptops.

The carbon dioxide transmitter “CD-100-BZ series” is a one-board type that allows the CO2 sensor to be used in a low-temperature environment. It supports three-wire and four-wire types, and the measurement range and calibration function can be easily controlled.

In addition, the company showcased over 30 sensor products in five fields including CO2, methane gas, propane gas, butane gas, and composite air quality meters. All of the company’s products can be tested at the exhibition hall booth (#1521).

CEO Lee An of ELT Sensor said, “We came here to introduce our wide variety of products to the North American market, and show our outstanding products and brand in the U.S. market.” He also added, “With this opportunity, we will be more active in introducing us to the North American market.”

With the motto “the company that creates smart future with sensor,” ELT Sensor is a gas sensor expert that supplies over 40 types of sensor products for the detection of NDIR, CO2, CO, CH4, C2H2, C3H8, C4H10, and O2 to over 150 clients from 40 countries worldwide.

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